Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is me in my "spare" time.

There are quite a few projects in my future, most of which require me to process some YUMMY apples. But I have been smitten with the sewing bug again. I seem to get all dewy eyed and romantic about the possibilities. Excited I don't think is the appropriate word, dreamy or passionate might be better. Picture a little girl jumping up and down clapping her hands while chanting "yes,yes, YES! I LOVE IT!"
I was looking at some other blogs that have tutorials on them and man, I am ready to sew.
I'll let you all in on a little conversation that I have with myself. It goes something like this;
"Wow! Look at that! I could TOTALLY whip that out." (Reality check number one. Hello? Leah?)
Moving on to the next project, "Whoa! That is so great! I wonder S would mind if I bought that much fabric?" (Reality check, What are you thinking?) "Man, those are great colors! S wouldn't mind if I gutted the closet for my sewing area" (Sewing area? Are we buying a new house?) "Naw, he would let me just have the garage." (What?) "Shoot, he would even put AC in there for me." (Now I am rolling on the floor with laughter. Give up the garage?)

All these thoughts as I am seemingly high on cookies and homemade tomato sauce, and the fact it is WAY past my bed time!

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Julie said...

OK Leah, that was hilarious! and you know...maybe if you just asked you would get the garage. ;)