Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Serously, I am thinking about doing this.

I am really contemplating donating my milk. MY babes have grown well on it, why not share it?
There are a couple of organizations to use, like milk share, who will set you up with a local family in need. Or there is this one, who sends 25 percent of what you donate to Africa, and uses the 75 remaining percent to make a super concentrated fortifier for nicu babies.
I think I could do this, I wonder what my husband is gonna say!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Watch for the "stop hate" sign.

Random thoughts.

These are probably not going to be in any specific order, or for that matter, relative to one another.

Feminism, hmmm. Something that's been on my brain for a couple of weeks. We are created to serve different purposes as men and woman. I don't know why that has to be defined, or why it wants to be redefined. We live in such a unisex society that being feminine is hard to come by. Or looked at as old fashioned. Or defined by how sexy your are, which in my opinion is something totally different.

Should people have children in daycare? I read somewhere that it was considered by an author of children's books to be a form of child abuse. Point being said child was there about 50 hours a week, came home and had about 2 hours with family and shooed off to bed. Not being with the parents at all, and along the same line of thinking, being raised by "strangers." Now, I understand, logistically, after a couple of weeks, months or whatever, that the teachers wouldn't be strangers, but what if they quit? Or got fired? Interesting to me the different ways that could go in a conversation!

I want to fire my mail carrier. So unprofessional, and while I am at it, the manager at my local bank. I thought these people were representing our country, in some form or fashion. For some reason I was under the impression that bankers/tellers were supposed to be a sort of political figure. Why do I have that impression? They are both handling federal things, right?


Do I have to be tolerant of other peoples agendas if it offends me?

I have a great big pimple on my chin area that is brewing something massive. It is not quite finished doing whatever pimples are supposed to do, but it is a sore red bump on my face. What a doosie!

So random.

You cant say I didn't warn you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A little bit of this and that.

Things are good and busy. I have some great projects in mind for the holidays and I am looking forward to seeing family. I have been striving to stay busy in the home, and I have some great help from my new re manufactured Dyson!! (let me add some more exclamations here!!!!!) I got a smoking deal and just love using it.
I want to finish the paint job we started back when I was pregnant with Olivia, so I have about half of the living room taped. I didn't realise I needed to buy more paint, but at least the project is started, right?
I have some pumpkins to puree, and seeds to roast. I have a couple sewing project to work out, and I have visions of jams and jellies dancing in my head. I have been clipping coupons for free and or cheep groceries and I have been reading the bible in regards to the end times prophecies.

My children are growing, and I cant keep up. Plain as that.

Steve is still working crazy hours. I feel like what my neighbor says, "happily married single mother!"
OK, off to bed, or what ever that is!