Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This girl of mine!

She loves loves loves cheese! I could give it to her, and she would be satisfied all the days of her little life.

I would love to learn the craft of cheese making, and from what I understand of the craft, it is not to difficult. Just a matter of coagulation? Letting things set up?

I have made kefir cheese many times, which is disliked by everyone but me. I love it with some sea salt and lots of fresh pepper! But my dear, sweet girl is not impressed. Give her some good ol' cheddar, or even better yet, some lovely colby. Plain, in moderate slices.

The weather is cooler so i just might try something!! Heh, maybe..

Monday, September 21, 2009



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mail time!

I got our homeschooling stuff last night!

All of it is new and exciting. The books have that new book smell and they are nice and neat! I ordered a child kit, which was inclusive of all the things Ian would need to have kindergarten, and then I also ordered the parent kit. I am so glad I did. The kits are well put together, have lesson plans, daily outlines and gives me a great help in organising my day.

Ian is excited, now that the books are here. It was sort of funny, I would ask him if he was ready for school and he would say, well, where are we gonna go? He is OK with the idea of staying at home going to school, he just wants to learn about art. "Like painting" he says. Not like learning about paintings, or art. He wants to paint and such. OK, what do you want to paint a picture of? I ask.

Are you ready for this profound four year old answer?