Monday, January 19, 2009

FOR TODAY Jan 19, 2008

Outside my window...I cannot post during the day, I have not the time, so therefore it is dark.

I am thinking...So many things ranging from here to there. I think crazy things will be happening and no one will know better.

I am thankful for...Being able to worship freely and for my house. I am glad I have a roof over my head.

From the kitchen... Would you believe it? all the dishes are washed and there are cookies waiting to be baked.

I am wearing...Uh, hmmm, just what is this I am wearing? Could it be the SAME THING I HAD ON LAST TIME! ? ! Seriously, I am pathetic.

I am humbling, nothing. Well, cookies in a few.

I am going...tomorrow to Bashas and getting some bread for .50 cents to be put in the freezer, and albertsons to get some other nonsense. What ever.

I am reading...Romans, and the makers diet. So not reading much.

I am get some good sleep. I am exhausted at the thought of driving to town tomorrow.

I am hearing...Olivia is fond of screaming.

.Around the house...things are quiet, because all the action is now in here.

One of my favorite things... a basil plant that is doing very well thankyouverynuch.

A few plans for the rest of the week:I am laughing hysterically at the this right now.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Monday, January 12, 2009

FOR TODAY January 12, 2009

Outside my window... A dark evening, again.

I am thinking...that I would love to feel better. I have a monster headache from a sort of cold. Kefir is helping keep it from being full blown.

I am thankful for... My Husband again. I am so proud he want to provide for us. I am also thankful for my salvation, it gives me a great peace in these uncertain times.

From the kitchen... ack, the kitchen. I have dishes calling me, otherwise I am ignoring it.

I am wearing...Sweat shorts (shame on me) and the same dingy old shirt. I claim not feeling well.

I am creating...more laundry? Nothing at the moment.

I am have a steamy shower, then to bed, hopefully...

I am reading...I am reading the book of Romans. It will take me some time, as it is a lot to absorb.

I am hoping...that I will train these children well. Enough said.

I am hearing... children's Bible songs, thanks to Etner's Gma. We love em.

Around the house...It seems mostly tidy, with clean laundry to fold, as always.

One of my favorite things...Kefir

A few plans for the rest of the week: Organise the kids room, and the computer room closet. If this happens I will be thrilled.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Monday, January 5, 2009

The simple woman Monday.

Hopefully I can keep this up! =)

FOR TODAY January 5Th 2009...
Outside My Window... it is dark and cold. It's about 8:30

I am thinking... that I would like to make some sort of starter for a bread for tomorrow.

I am thankful for... My family, and my husband. He seems to love me, just as I am.

From the kitchen... You wont believe this, but its mostly clean! well until I get to making a starter!

I am wearing... a skirt and dingy top. The day is done.

I am creating... nothing yet. I need to sew something.

I am going... to work on potty learning for my girl. Keep me in prayers.

I am reading... Bread recipes and blog posts.
I am hoping... I want to get organised, and keep it that way
I am hearing... Music from another woman's blog.

Around the house... little face girl is playing with a tank brother got for Christmas, Pumpkin head is eating gram crackers and I am here.

One of my favorite things... Bree cheese.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Keep the house nice and tidy, bake some bread and get Isaac's clothes organised and in his new dresser.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...