Thursday, April 30, 2009

I caved in~

I sprayed my yard and part of my house for bugs. Hopefully it will really work. So far I have found many dead crickets, a dead black widow, and some other miscellaneous ones like silver fish and ear wigs. So, only time will tell if the dreaded ones are gone.

Steve thinks I shouldn't talk so candidly about the subject. Maybe I shouldn't, but it is a part of the daily living in this house, and I do have to deal with them on a daily basis.

Maybe it would explain to everyone why part of my hair is missing? Or why I panic when I am on the phone with someone gasping "Oh no! Its near the babe!" When someone asks whats going on? Should I casually suggest "nothing" as I am exacting revenge on a seemingly indestructible creature? Or why I am manically laughing while I am flushing the toilet for the third time in a ten minute conversation?

No, I tell everyone in hopes that they, if ever in this situation, would get some comfort or maybe find humor in the situation.

I wonder what it's going to be next?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You know what?

My dog, the old one that is supposed to know better, pooped in my kid's room last night. Oh, and he peed too.

I wonder what type of day this will turn out to be?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moto Moto means hot hot!

OK, lame o reference to a certain movie, but man its hot! The temperature has been high and in the house? Lets say my Kefir is having no problem consuming more milk than my four year old! I am not looking forward to a dismal summer including an early morning scramble to get the bread in the oven (Scramble, ha ha. More like some chaos!) before it gets too late in the day.

The heat seems to bring out vermin. The blood sucking kind. Last year it was crickets, this year its ticks. I am mortified to say they are trying their best to make our home theirs and


They are seriously not allowed or invited for that matter. It wont be long before I pull my hair out, just wait and see.

For now I just mutter under my breath and drop the ones I find in a jar of Tea tree oil and vinegar. I have treated the dogs, the dog beds and every paraphernalia they have. What the heck? They need to go away already!

"And now for something completely different!"

I really enjoy poppy seeds.