Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is me in my "spare" time.

There are quite a few projects in my future, most of which require me to process some YUMMY apples. But I have been smitten with the sewing bug again. I seem to get all dewy eyed and romantic about the possibilities. Excited I don't think is the appropriate word, dreamy or passionate might be better. Picture a little girl jumping up and down clapping her hands while chanting "yes,yes, YES! I LOVE IT!"
I was looking at some other blogs that have tutorials on them and man, I am ready to sew.
I'll let you all in on a little conversation that I have with myself. It goes something like this;
"Wow! Look at that! I could TOTALLY whip that out." (Reality check number one. Hello? Leah?)
Moving on to the next project, "Whoa! That is so great! I wonder S would mind if I bought that much fabric?" (Reality check, What are you thinking?) "Man, those are great colors! S wouldn't mind if I gutted the closet for my sewing area" (Sewing area? Are we buying a new house?) "Naw, he would let me just have the garage." (What?) "Shoot, he would even put AC in there for me." (Now I am rolling on the floor with laughter. Give up the garage?)

All these thoughts as I am seemingly high on cookies and homemade tomato sauce, and the fact it is WAY past my bed time!

Monday, August 18, 2008

What is love?

When I was a teen I really like this music group called Dee lite. They were funky and fresh, for the time, and had some get you going type beat. One of the songs were titled "What is love?" It was mostly music and electronic but It sticks in my head when I ask, What is love.
I can hear a chorus of answers, there are many things that express love. But true love, from our creator, who is defined as love gives us guidelines to which I find sometimes difficult to see through.
As a mother and a wife, I am striving to make my environment more loving toward my family, and why not? Who doesn't deserve this in their home? The home that is our safe haven, our resting place (chores aside!) Our homes should be a shelter, and a place to recharge and relax. Why not fill it with love also?

Love is patient--even when you feel like forcefully expressing yourself.
Love is kind--even when others are not nice to you and you really want to retaliate.
Love is not jealous--especially when hubby comes home too tired to listen after giving all of his energy and time to work and you feel you are going unnoticed.
Love does not brag--even when you want to tell the world about your accomplishments.
Love is not arrogant--but is instead humble, assuming others to be right when they correct us.
Love does not act unbecoming--even when being rude and overbearing would allow you to get your way.
Love does not seek her own--even when it is profitable for you to do so.
Love is not easily provoked--even when you’ve been changing dirty diapers all day and your husband comes home irritated from a long day at work.
Love does not take into account wrong suffered--even when it seems every one is against you or you are openly attacked.
Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness--even when it seems that the other person deserved the ill treatment.
Love rejoices in the truth--even when it seems easier and more beneficial to lie or mislead.
Love bears all things--even when disappointments seem overwhelming.
Love believes all things--even when you’ve been hurt and don’t feel like trusting anyone.
Love hopes all things--even though your visions have been dimmed by years of disappointments.
Love endures all things--especially when you think you can’t endure the people or the circumstances in your life anymore.
Love never fails--even when you feel overwhelmed and your situation seems hopeless.
Love will not crumble when placed in stressful or difficult situations, but instead, remains selflessly faithful, even to the point of death.

These things were from ANGELA DECOTEAU, I found them to nail it on the head for me. I hope it will encourage you to express more love for your family also.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's August, do you know when summer will end?

I am so ready for cooler weather. I do not like this heat anymore. I think cooler weather, at least in the mornings and evenings, will not be until OCTOBER 31! I would love a milder climate with some other patterns of weather besides burn your face off when you go outside.
I don't think anyone can remember or imagine exactly what it feels like. Just do the following. Turn your oven on to say 500 degrees. Let that bad boy warm up and when it gets to that temperature, stick your head in it for a second. Chances are you wont even be able to get close to it. This is how hot it is here. Just imagine that all over your body. Try to get in your car after its been roasting in the heat?

Once, my neighbor dropped a gallon of milk, by accident, in the heat of the day, on her driveway. Which was not at the moment in the direct sun. It curdled immediately. Instantly. At once. She was so grossed out, as I would be too. Not to mention she didn't have anymore milk. Its that yucky hot here.

I am looking forward to opening my windows, and letting the fresh air in.

*disclaimer; if you really stick your head in the oven that's your fault. Who would be dumb enough to tell you to do such a thing anyway?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This blog is amazing to me.

This woman is so amazing to me that she had the eye to behold all the beauty around her and capture it as she does on film.
I stumbled across her last night through a link from a link from...you get the picture. Take some time and look at her things she posts. You can feel the peace. So amazing to me, as I don't seem to be calm about anything lately.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Belly dancer.

This is not my belly, per say, I dont have the guts, but it is an acurate discription of what happens often.
It seems that lately I cannot focus on anything but the upcoming birth of my next babe. I feel like one of those mothers that talks nothing of regular things and only about her children. I really don't want to be this was, so I force myself to talk of other subjects. Not being fake mind you, but just not all there. I caught a cold the other day, from some unknown source, and my poor body being tired from growing a babe is now extremely tired trying to keep me healthy. My house is a wreck, I am behind on laundry and I have no appetite. Hopefully I can get somethings done that need to be done, and rest at the same time.

I didn't mean for this post to be a negative Nancy, but I really cant focus on anything else.

I found a video I would like to share, so I will get on that.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Some more random things. Maybe TMI.

I love to drink tea, iced and sweetened with good ole white sugar. I could drink about a gallon a day. I think I would if I were not pregnant. The only drawback is that it acts like coffee in the morning. I have to go soon after I have that first glass.

Driving is one of my favorite things to do. Well, depending on the car. I love to drive my Jetta. I enjoy driving Steve's truck, but its not that great. I think any car or truck is better with a five speed tranny.

I still love anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

I would love to live in either Austin TX or somewhere on the east coast.

That being said, I do not like living in the "desert southwest." I am ever thankful for my house and the fact that we have one, but it's really not in my top ten places to live.

I cannot cook very well. If I don't have a recipe the meal is doomed from the beginning. Sometimes I cant even follow that very well. I am shocked that I can make bread consistently. I hear that everyone has that "dish" that is their specialty. The one they fall back on when they don't know what to make, or they know it will be good. I don't have one. I am that bad. Please feel bad for my family.

In about five weeks and I will have three children. I think the magnitude of that statement really hasn't sunk in yet. Ask me again in 5 weeks.