Monday, August 18, 2008

What is love?

When I was a teen I really like this music group called Dee lite. They were funky and fresh, for the time, and had some get you going type beat. One of the songs were titled "What is love?" It was mostly music and electronic but It sticks in my head when I ask, What is love.
I can hear a chorus of answers, there are many things that express love. But true love, from our creator, who is defined as love gives us guidelines to which I find sometimes difficult to see through.
As a mother and a wife, I am striving to make my environment more loving toward my family, and why not? Who doesn't deserve this in their home? The home that is our safe haven, our resting place (chores aside!) Our homes should be a shelter, and a place to recharge and relax. Why not fill it with love also?

Love is patient--even when you feel like forcefully expressing yourself.
Love is kind--even when others are not nice to you and you really want to retaliate.
Love is not jealous--especially when hubby comes home too tired to listen after giving all of his energy and time to work and you feel you are going unnoticed.
Love does not brag--even when you want to tell the world about your accomplishments.
Love is not arrogant--but is instead humble, assuming others to be right when they correct us.
Love does not act unbecoming--even when being rude and overbearing would allow you to get your way.
Love does not seek her own--even when it is profitable for you to do so.
Love is not easily provoked--even when you’ve been changing dirty diapers all day and your husband comes home irritated from a long day at work.
Love does not take into account wrong suffered--even when it seems every one is against you or you are openly attacked.
Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness--even when it seems that the other person deserved the ill treatment.
Love rejoices in the truth--even when it seems easier and more beneficial to lie or mislead.
Love bears all things--even when disappointments seem overwhelming.
Love believes all things--even when you’ve been hurt and don’t feel like trusting anyone.
Love hopes all things--even though your visions have been dimmed by years of disappointments.
Love endures all things--especially when you think you can’t endure the people or the circumstances in your life anymore.
Love never fails--even when you feel overwhelmed and your situation seems hopeless.
Love will not crumble when placed in stressful or difficult situations, but instead, remains selflessly faithful, even to the point of death.

These things were from ANGELA DECOTEAU, I found them to nail it on the head for me. I hope it will encourage you to express more love for your family also.

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