Monday, September 1, 2008

My unwanted pe(s)ts

This time of year has proven to be tough for me in more than one way. The end of summer, waiting for cooler weather is tough. The dog's hair is coming out in massive amounts. All over my kitchen. Then, there are the crickets.
I have heard the humidity brings them, I wish it would take them. I cant go in my kitchen, with all the hair in it, without thinking I might run into one. They seem to come out at night, and when I say come out, watch out. If you open the door they jump right in. The dogs will take just long enough to allow at least one to hop its way in.
Now you might be thinking something on the lines of gross, and I agree, its gross, but really what am I to do but endure? Pesticides are not safe for the animals or our fish, or children or unborn children for that matter. Besides, I have talked to folks about what they use for control, and they spray. But it doesn't keep the crickets out, just kills them when they get inside. At church they spray, and let me say that has no effect on the population.
Speaking of crickets at church, last Wednesday my MIL went with me to the service. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until she saw something on her shoulder and went to look at it. Well, guess what it was? A CRICKET! THAT JUMPED RIGHT ON ME AND DOWN MY BLOUSE! I yelled and shouted to get the thing off. Just when I relaxed I realised IT WAS STILL THERE, IN MY BRA! Good thing my MIL told me to go to the bathroom, I couldn't think straight. I probably looked like I was going to strip right there!
I know crickets don't bite, or carry any infectious diseases, but try having one down your shirt and see how yucko it is. All in all it was pretty funny.

So I am indeed tired of my crickets and I hope it will only be a little while longer I have to endure these "pets." What cracks me up though, is they sell them at petsmart and the like stores for .30 cents each!! Crazy, come to my house and you can have all you want for free!!

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