Thursday, June 5, 2008

Would you use your mothers name as a curse word?

Most people wouldn't. I wouldn't. But there are a lot of the population the would use there creators name as such, and that my friend is blasphemy. I am talking about the third of the ten commandments. Thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Such is so common some don't even think its a big deal, I used to say it all the time, with out any regard to what I was saying. It wasn't a big deal, then. Even people who claim not to believe in the God say it, which to me is so confusing. Some claim to be agnostic, or even atheist, but still acknowledge in an exclamation " oh MY.... You deny Him, but use his NAME as a possessive statement? But that is for some other time, some other post.

To be honest, I cringe, and am offended when I hear it, any form of it. I am so sensitive I will not watch any movie with it in. Hence the Hollywood and God banner in the side bar. That website is great to tell of the new movies, and what is in them, so they can be avoided. But what about the old eighties flicks I so love? There is nothing I have found that will warn me of the content. I have wasted many of dollars on movies that I unknowingly bought and had to toss.
Toss, I can hear my friend say, recycle. I have and I only can do so much with all the stuff I have. Quite frankly I don't even want any of it any more. In any shape or form.

So that takes us to the next paragraph. Do you take the Lord's name in vain? I am not claiming to be a holy roller, or better than anyone else. I just love God. He is so precious to me. Does He not deserve to be honored by keeping His commandments? Just as our mothers gave us life God created us, if we wouldn't use our mothers name as such why would we use God's?

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cjsfeet said...

Great point. AM i the recycling friend though? Well, it's true. Take it to be recycled as the plastic that it is. thats it.
Goodbye Breakfast Club, 16Candles, and obviously Clerks (which I haven't seen).
Fiddler on the Roof is a great one.
A lot of the older movies on TCM are great since the name of God was then used appropriatly. I personally must say that if I am going to watch much TV, it is that channel.
My wonderful children are also fans of Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Doris Day, etc...
I love it.