Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have such a forgetfull brain.

I had a great post, in my head, in my sleep last night. As I settle down to write I cannot for any amount of money remember what I am going to write about. (insert rolling of eyes=)
I had to step away for a moment to help my son with his strawberries and I had to tell him numerous times to bring me his bowl. I want him to obey the first time I tell him something and I want him to obey with the right attitude. I can hear you now, dear reader, it's just a bowl of strawberries. Right? I say exactly. So insignificant that it shouldn't be an issue. If he learns on the little things the big ones, whatever you deem a big one, will be automatic. Miss Olivia is learning this also. She says no to everything, whether she means yes or not. I want to teach them they need to come the first time. I will admit, I am not very consistent, and I am praying for help with that. Mostly when I am on the phone, or cooking. I know Ian knows when I am otherwise engaged to act up. Olivia just follows suit.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6


Payson Cousin said...

It's just a bowl of strawberries? You're right, of course, but I still disagree!

It's just a kiss on the cheek at bedtime, and it's just holding the door open for an elderly lady. It's just a glass of icy cold lemonade on a hot day. It's just remembering to say 'Thank you'.

Little things? Sure. But little things are what make every day a gift! Learning to appreciate small things, to think of other people (even Mommy) and learning obedience are as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.

Your children a joy to be with. Oh, sure, it's partly because they're cuter than can be. But it is also because you and hubby are taking the time and EFFORT to teach them.

Teaching our children to be polite and considerate and to OBEY is hard work and an almighty pain at times. If we stay at it, though, we get to enjoy happy little people who embarrass us very seldom. :-)

Raising up happy, polite and well-rounded children gives them opportunities. Think of all the doors that are opened, great and small, to a cheerful, well-mannered child (or adult). That is a colossal gift to give your children.

cjsfeet said...

i love that proverb, thanks for sharing it!