Saturday, June 28, 2008

The day is great, so far!

I know things are what you make them, and today is going great. Steve was home last night, and I could sleep worry free. There is something about having a man in the house that makes everything alright. I think I might have dreamt that the doorbell rang, I bolted out of bed, heart pounding, and exclaimed "I think the doorbell just rang! " Steve was so good about the whole thing. He said something about the dogs barking, and I told him Ziggy doesn't hear so well anymore. The man got up and proceeded to check if indeed the doorbell rang. It felt so good not to have to check it myself, I was so frightened. It ended up being a dream after all, because no one was there, but I was so grateful that He was there to check the things that go bump in the night.

This morning I got to sleep in. Olivia decided as soon as the sun is up its her time to shine. I got to keep her in the bed until at least 6, but that was it. Steve again saved the day by telling me to put my head back down (in the fashion of telling the kids the same way when its time to sleep) and HE got up and took care of Olivia and even took her while he took a shower! I got her after smelling so clean and yummy. She was wrapped up all snug in a towel and nursed herself back to sleep! Steve kissed me good bye and Ian came in shortly thereafter and we all cuddled until nine!!!! NINE O CLOCK!!!

I felt so good that I made homemade pancakes, brave huh? They turned out so yummy. The kids got a treat also, I gave them some peach nectar that I got from the dollar store and they both were chatty Kathy's, until I served them the pancakes. It was so cute they both were so busy shoveling food in their face it was quiet for a couple minutes! The recipe I used was alright, but something interesting happened (it always does) that the brown sugar I used didn't melt into the batter, but when it cooked left pockets of brown sugar goodness. So, worth another go at the recipe. Next time I think I will double it.

So, I know all of you are waiting for the granola bar report. They turned out so yummy, but, the wax paper STUCK TO THEM! I pealed and pealed yesterday to get most of it off. This recipe is so worth another try. I just need to figure out how to make it with out the paper. I want to make another batch of bread, some poohs bread, or something like that, but I need more flour. I should go to Costco to get a serous bag of flour.


cjsfeet said...

it sounds like a fine morning!

cjsfeet said...

It sounds like a FINE morning! What a blessing!