Monday, June 9, 2008

The start of my day.

I am not a morning person naturally. I don't think I have ever been. My mother told me when I was a babe, I would stay up all night. Not crying or fussing, just content to sit happily, awake at night. She said that she even would go to bed and leave me awake in my crib, not crying, just awake, playing or what not. Maybe I wasn't a morning person then either, but I am definitely not one now.

I would love to get up early and start the day with the sun, while it is cool outside and the heat is not unbearable. Ideally, that's the way people should live in the desert, to "beat the heat." I just cant do it. Even if buy some fluke chance I get up before 7 I cant function and sit around thinking "man, it's early" and get nothing done. So inevitably I end up doing outside chores while its warm (ha ha warm?) and think poorly of myself that I cant get it done sooner.

That being said, at a quarter to eight, I should post and get outside to water my garden. Well, after I finish my coffee!

Did I mention I procrastinate too?

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