Thursday, November 13, 2008

Serously, I am thinking about doing this.

I am really contemplating donating my milk. MY babes have grown well on it, why not share it?
There are a couple of organizations to use, like milk share, who will set you up with a local family in need. Or there is this one, who sends 25 percent of what you donate to Africa, and uses the 75 remaining percent to make a super concentrated fortifier for nicu babies.
I think I could do this, I wonder what my husband is gonna say!


Payson Cousin said...

Did you know that when Grandma Dubois came to this country, she donated milk to a family that needed it? Ini was still nursing, Grandma had plenty, and this mother was having trouble making milk. Just thought I'd share :o)

cjsfeet said...

Well, you definately have always had the 'supply' to share.

Ace said...

Hi Leah, I was considering doing this too but when I checked into the one company (it was about two years ago and I cannot remember now) they were SELLING the milk and only donating a small portion of it. And I HAD to donate the milk to them. Seems like a racket to me. If you find a honest place, let us know. My milk runneth over so I might do that :)

Many Blessings :)