Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random thoughts.

These are probably not going to be in any specific order, or for that matter, relative to one another.

Feminism, hmmm. Something that's been on my brain for a couple of weeks. We are created to serve different purposes as men and woman. I don't know why that has to be defined, or why it wants to be redefined. We live in such a unisex society that being feminine is hard to come by. Or looked at as old fashioned. Or defined by how sexy your are, which in my opinion is something totally different.

Should people have children in daycare? I read somewhere that it was considered by an author of children's books to be a form of child abuse. Point being said child was there about 50 hours a week, came home and had about 2 hours with family and shooed off to bed. Not being with the parents at all, and along the same line of thinking, being raised by "strangers." Now, I understand, logistically, after a couple of weeks, months or whatever, that the teachers wouldn't be strangers, but what if they quit? Or got fired? Interesting to me the different ways that could go in a conversation!

I want to fire my mail carrier. So unprofessional, and while I am at it, the manager at my local bank. I thought these people were representing our country, in some form or fashion. For some reason I was under the impression that bankers/tellers were supposed to be a sort of political figure. Why do I have that impression? They are both handling federal things, right?


Do I have to be tolerant of other peoples agendas if it offends me?

I have a great big pimple on my chin area that is brewing something massive. It is not quite finished doing whatever pimples are supposed to do, but it is a sore red bump on my face. What a doosie!

So random.

You cant say I didn't warn you!

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Ace said...

Hi Leah, here is my random answers...

Visit a site called and you will NEVER, EVER put your children in daycare again.

Pimples are killed (and cold sores too) by putting a little white vinegar on them straight. It will sting a bit, but it kills them.

I came out of the whole feminisim thing too, I think it is just common sense that men and women were created DIFFERENT but equal. Next the will tell us Dogs should own us (mine feels that way anyway LOL)

As for poor cusomer service, I just did several blog posts on the OUTRAGEOUS behavior I encountered at a nail salon (with my gift certificate I waited forever to enjoy), I am with you Fire them all ...then pray for them. LOLOLO

Many Blessings :)