Sunday, July 6, 2008

A conclusion to the holiday weekend.

I had grand plans for this weekend. I was going to go to see my folks, and Steve's mom. I was going to be swimming and eating, and probably shopping. I had great expectations.
We didnt go anywhere, really, and swimming? I blew up a pool for the kids in the back yard, which by the way, filled up with dirt a couple hours later as a storm blew in. Shopping, well, I bought a couple of overpriced groceries...does that count?
I didn't do ANYTHING I had planned.

A couple of years ago I would have be sulking, and a baby and quite frankly a jerk about the whole thing. But I as of now, I realise that there were things that needed to happen here, things that helped me grow in other ways. There were things that happened that made me joke about making some sort of scrap book because of all the things that "went wrong." Honestly I can say I wouldn't of had my holiday go any different.

A couple of things that stick out in my head are these; My dog got this sore on his face and we were not sure what it was, and, it kept getting bigger and uglier. His arthritis flared and we thought it was over for him. Infection running ramped in his blood, etc, etc. Turns, after a walk in visit to the vet, hes fine. He has a hot spot. Another thing, which was really no biggie, but Olivia bit her lip so badly I was worried about a trip to the er. Poor thing was gushing blood everywhere. It ended up OK, but in the heat of the moment, boy, I was worried. There were no fireworks because it was too windy. The price of groceries were inflated. I didn't need a whole lot of things, but lets say I got upset about the price of a couple potatoes. A couple of other things were not bad or disastrous, but it made for exciting situations.

I didn't do half of what I wanted to, and my house is a disaster. But I wouldn't have things any other way.

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