Monday, May 19, 2008

Where have you been?

In an effort to try to stay current in the blog, I am failing miserably. I have been trying to stay off the computer, and have succeeded because of some technical stuff, but I am really still wanting to post. Really!

Lots have been going on, none really of great merit. Steve found a job, and we are on our way back to our feet. The electricity is still on and we have running water....What more could a gal want?

My camera is broken, so all of the grand ideas of posting a project are out the window. I have a 35 mil. my father gave me when I was in high school, but it doesn't have a flash. I would have to pay for the pictures to be put on a disk, blah blah, blah.

Steve and I had out 7Th year anniversary yesterday. Take that for what it is. Steve said it felt like we had been married for 20. Take THAT for what it is....

I find out the sex of my unborn child tomorrow. Lets pray that the bionic rays of the ultrasound don't give it some sort of mental issue. That was a joke. Not that I WANT my child to have some sort of mental issue. Considering it will be a child of mine, bad bad joke.

I am really not in the mood for this. I want to eat some cookies and bacon. Not at the same time and not really in that order.

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cjsfeet said...

those cookies look, um...... delicious?