Friday, November 13, 2009


OK, so I have been asked for a recipe for my yogurt. Quickly, here is how I go about it.

First, there needs to be a way to keep a constant temperature of 95 to 110 degrees. This can be a yogurt maker, a dehydrator (the fancy expensive ones with the temperature controls), a cooler, or a window sill during the summer. I have a yogurt maker. All this does is keep the temperature at 95 degrees. I really like what I have, its simple and my mother found it at the thrift store for four dollars. CJ's feet uses her dehydrator. What ever. I think that is the toughest part.

Next I heat 4 cups of milk to 170 degrees. Its the point right before it boils. After this, let the milk cool to 110 degrees, which is about the temperature to give a baby a bath, and stir in two tablespoons of plain store bought yogurt. I used trader Joe's cream top the first time. Dannon, Mountain High, whatever. Just plain flavor free.

OK, so pour that into a jar or yogurt maker cups and let it culture, say ten hours.

If you have raw milk (ah-hem, I don't, bummer!) there is a raw recipe in the NT book that CJ's feet likes to use. This does not heat up the milk as hot initially, but sort of keeps all that good bacteria in tact. Yum!

After the ten hours or so, stir it up and transfer it to the fridge. Lick that spoon and get a small taste of whats to come! Cooling it will help reduce the bitterness and help it to not be so runny.

You can use any milk, even powdered. So basic, so yummy!

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Yes!!!! I am really loving it too.