Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simple Living?

For some time now I have entertained the idea of simple living. I have come across some literature that has helped me to open my eyes to maybe help me define exactly what or how simple I want to live.
I have borrowed the entire season of Frontier House, which is six hours in its entirety, and soaked up all I could. Minus the drama. I have also read a few magazines called backwoods living, which is all about you guessed it, living in the back woods. These mediums both have quite a few ideas and helps for someone to drop off the grid. I mean off. the. grid.

Now neither of these have anything to do with the Desert. I use capital "D" because it deserves some serious respect. The temperates, the dryness, the pets, (haha) The ever present lack of water. No one has written many of articles about it.
Can it be done? Sure.

Brings me back around to how simple do I wanna get?

Lets make a list;
Electricity? Check.
Water? Sure, dig a well.
Sewer? Should dig at the same time as the well.
Whats left?
Land to do this on?
For some reason it doesn't seem so simple any longer. Add some ornery chickens, a couple milk goats and for good measure why not a huge garden?

Ah, enough day dreaming. I just need to go fold my laundry!

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