Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I had a great birthday. Plain as that.

A good Friend of mine text me first thing to tell me happy birthday. Later on that day I received some flowers from her via FED EX!!!! OVERNIGHT!

They are so nice. So fresh!


The greatest thing about these is that she had it figured out all along.
Then after the kids all took a nap at the same time, I watched a movie all by myself!! The rest of the evening was very low key. I think I had to run and get dog food or something. Seriously, a nice rest full evening. Steve was even there!
OK, so that was Thursday. Friday we went to TUCSON!! We camped out on CJ's front porch! We even brought the dogs and the trailer.
There were many other things that happened, cards read and loved, and the fellowship in Tuscon was great. It brings me great joy that I am so loved.
Which leaves me staggering, staring, and gasping.
Thank you all so much.
On a smaller note:
I planned on documenting the whole trip to Tuscon with my camera. Wanna know how many pictures I took?

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cjsfeet said...

I planned on it too, to blog it in pics. I took a few pics though. . . . . of the kiddos. ha hahahaha