Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't put that in your mouth! You have no idea where it's been!

That's what I feel like after a couple weeks of no blog. I am missing in action and out for lunch, or any other cliche for that matter.

Things here are as great as can be. Well, I am sure they could be better, but I wont dwell on that.

I am in a perpetual state of undone laundry. We went to Parker on the 6th and all the back up from the camping trip messed things all up. I am constantly looking at a pile of clean unfolded clothes on my chair, waiting to be strewn all over the place. Which happens often, and to my dismay ends up unworn and in the dirty clothes pile because the dog has taken a liking to lying on it. I suppose I could just shake of the MASSIVE HAIR from his shedding body, but heh, that would be a lot of shaking.

Isaac has cut his first tooth while we were camping. I wouldn't have noticed except for the tooth coming out of his gum for all the kid fussed. Which was not at all. I wonder if this kid is going to be this easy going for the rest of his life!

Olivia has taken the hobby of screaming to a new level. Man that girl has some capacity! She is loud and long and if I didn't know better, I would think her arm had been chewed off by rabid wolfs. I need to harness that voice for singing, right? Besides that hobby she has taken to counting to 13, sounding out letters, and helping pick up dog poop. A screaming pooper scooper.

Lets see, what is Ian up to? This kid is doing so much, so quickly, that my head spins trying to keep up. The things that come out of his mouth floor me. Kids indeed say the darnedest things. What those are I cannot remember, but trust me, they are good! I have been working on math, reading and sounds in general, but mostly he has been striving to WRESTLE WITH HIS BROTHER! They both love it, but as with anything it can get out of hand quickly. I guess Isaac gets tired of pinning Ian down.

Mostly days go by and things are the same, but there are some great moment to be had, and when they do I cant remember enough to blog about them. I wonder if that is a side effect to motherhood.

Right. Until then.

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