Thursday, February 7, 2008

Parker was a sucsess

Note; I started this a month ago and "lost" it and didn't know where to find it. I found it and now will try to finish..

Yes, I said it. It was fun, exciting and smokey.

We got there and proceeded to mark our territory in the usual fashion, set up a couple of camp chairs and *sigh* started camping.

There were a couple of events that stand out strongly in my minds eye, and that is what I will be talking about today. The whole first day Ziggy, our dog, wouldn't stop peeing. That is what I was referring to "marking territory" It was all good until he overdid himself. He forgets he is 10 and cant go all day like he used to. We were camped next to a "ravine" for lack of better word, and Ziggy wanted to explore and go up and down the trailer steps so much so that his TOENAILS RIPPED OFF!! So, here we have a lame dog, bleeding and hurting. Not to mention his arthritis was kicking in. Poor old dog had to be lifted in and out of the trailer every time he had to pee. He stayed inside for the rest of the trip.

The other thing that I am impressed about is something I am not to sure I should be remembering. Or documenting for that matter. Some poor young woman flashed me. I say me because in a truck full of men, siting in the middle of the frond seat, I was the only one to see the poor thing. It was indeed a poor thing.

Fast forward to later the next night, as I was unaware of the statistics of the race. Other than trucks and the like zooming past. Ian got a sort of earache and wailed all night long. Steve wanted to be up and out at six to get to church, so needless to say no one got any sleep. We had nothing to offer but infant ibuprofen and he begged for water all night. I was so reluctant to give him some as he might pee the bed, but looking back I think it wasn't that big of a deal that I gave him as much as he needed. Our poor fathers were sleeping in the trailer with us and since we were full it made it a tough night for everyone. Ian was better on the ride home and after we decided he was far to feverish for church, we got some hylands ear drops and some Motrin and headed home. He recovered so nicely, I am glad I followed my instincts and didn't take him to the Dr

He was very feverish before the ear drops.

This was the view from the camp sight. You can see a car in the distance. They were actually close.


This is our side of the camp, we were camping with one other family. They had their own trailer...

All of us slept in the trailer......

The morning we were leaving and after Ian screaming all night. It was so cold!!!

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