Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sew your heart out!

I have this thing for sewing. I really like it. I love the fact that I can take some unassuming piece of fabric, and make something totally useful. I don't count myself to be creative, or artistic, but I can mostly follow directions. That being said I can make things that others have made and feel good about it. I made quite a few Christmas gifts, about as many as I bought, and I have a birthday gift for a friends daughter that I have yet to give. I seem to fall in love with everything I make, I squeeze and hold and call the stuff George. =)

Seriously though, I have some other projects lined up, and hopefully I will have the funding for some materials. I have two toys for my son in mind. One being a horse on a stick, the real name I am at a loss for. The second thing I want to make for him, I wanted to make for Christmas, is a bear cape. This is going to be a fun one. I think I will be able to make most of it from things I have here at the house. I have the "fur" already from some salvage from Jo Ann's. I think I am going to line it with some muslin, and make hand holes with some left over duck, or some upholstery scraps. Something tough because it will be a bear. As for the "face" I think I will use some old pants that are an army green for it's eyes and maybe some leftover blanket edging for some silky soft ears. I should post pictures of the progress.
I also have been asked to make a sling for my neighbor's friend. I should get on that soon, the baby was born around the holidays, I think a little early, and I would hope she could use a sling soon.
As for myself I am in the market for some new skirts. I will be using some old pants and at my husbands suggestion, which is a great one, dye the product after I finished to make it have a uniformed color. I would love to go to the thrift store soon to find some great pillow cases or sheets to make some peasant skirts, but for moneys sake, I have all kinds of old jeans and pants here and need to use those first.

Plus, I hope to take pictures of it all. If your lucky!!!

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