Friday, January 11, 2008

My baby's legs.

This all started when I ran out of disposable diapers.
We are to the point in our lives that we are broke. Not that we don't have things taken care of, and we are definitely not hungry. But right now, to buy diapers would be too much. I say this, to tell you that the babe has diapers, the cloth, and I thank the Lord for that. I am very satisfied that I have SOMETHING to put her in. It's really nice, she is extra cushy!

The biggest and lame drawback to cloth is putting clothes on the bottom half of her body. With a disposable, tights or leggings fit nicely and kept her warm. If I were to put the same over the cloth diaper, it would get wet also and sort of defeat the purpose of trying to keep her warm.

So I made some leg warmers!!!

I made them out of woman's knee high socks, cut the foot off;

And then, since I picked a sock that would fray, I stitched the end!

I don't have any action shots, but trust me, they work well and are SO CUTE!!!!I just need to make some more!!!


cjsfeet said...

mine look that cute too. but the fabric on yours is neato!

cjsfeet said...

have you made any more??
i love to look at these.
love ya.