Monday, October 6, 2008

My baby's got blue eyes.

For now at least. They are very clear, and light. I'm sure that will change.

He loves to be bounced. When I was postpartum in the hospital, my mother was holding him and console him as I had no milk yet and tired to boot. She started laughing at his face expression and her whole body started to bounce with the effort. He calmed down and we laughed even more.

He spits up so much more than the other two. No big deal, just not used to it. I think I need to drink more water, I know I need to. Interesting side note, the spit up smells like kefer. =)

I was caught by surprise at him today while changing a diaper, he pees like a champ, all over. I stood amazed for a moment as it went up and over and down, the wall.

The other two children are so patient, they are taking things so well. Pumpkin head is so protective, and the face girl is the first one there when the babe cries. So loving and caring, can you believe its been three weeks?

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