Thursday, April 3, 2008

Doobie Doobie doo.....

For a lack of better title to this mornings post I have nothing to title this. I have been deep in thought, er, contemplation, about things that are seemingly beyond my control. Like the weather, getting hotter. Or the pigeon cooing and annoying me outside my window. Or maybe the fact that I cant push a baby out my baby hole? Wait! Did I just type that?

I did. Some part of me is angry, so angry for all the injustice done to my person. Part of me is thankful that I heal quickly after, and with little to no complications. Thank God I have a healthy babe, right?
"the ends don't justify the means" keeps running through my head.
Whatever. I don't have the tears left to cry and I don't have the emotional strength to think anything else about it.

Now for something completely different!

I am ready to stock pile some food. I would like to buy a cow, or a quarter, or even a half. I would like to obtain a somewhat large freezer and stick the cow in it. I would LOVE TO MAKE SOME JAM!!!!! I would love to get a hold of some flour, I mean some great amount and put it in some ridiculous bucket and dip into when I need to make something like tortillas or bread, or maybe even some crackers. I am so hungry that I could go on and on.
This is nuts.

Oh, and one more thing, if any of you out there need someone to blame for anything, you can totally blame me for it. Really, missing a sock? its my fault. Cant find your keys? I took em. You have gas? Yup you guessed it. ALL MINE!!!

All out of control......


Julie said...

Oh my goodness Leah! Did my ridiculous bucket finally grow on you? ;)

cjsfeet said...

Flour is good. Jam is great. Let's get together and have a date!

Dirty feet?
Very funny...