Friday, December 28, 2007

It's the last of it's kind.

As the year is ending, I think there is a need in all of us to start new.

Now if that wasn't dumb I don't know what is. How lame!! I am the one with the desires to start over, renew my resolutions. What were my resolutions? Let's see, keep up on the laundry. Nope. Eat more whole grain? Sort of. Stop yelling at my son and the dog? I plead the fifth.

I have fallen short. Way off.

So now do I get to keep the last years and add more? Do we get rollover resolutions? Should I try to keep them until they are satisfied, or should I toss them with all the used wrapping paper. No one would see or notice anything a miss, or pay attention to the fact that I am not eating my share of whole grain, or the obscene piles of laundry accumulating in my hall.

I have literally days left in the year and I am scrambling to try to catch the last little bit. I don't like the new year, I've missed something and I don't know what it is, or was. I am very uncomfortable with this feeling. I get it every year. I make some ridiculous resolutions to be better, kinder and more patient. I vow not to let the laundry overflow my hall.

I better go start a load.

Serously, what is going to be diffrent about this year? Less coffee?

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cjsfeet said...

i pray that you find exactly what is missing. i have hopes that peace will seek you out in the crowds, and embrace you as a gentle mother comforts her sweet child. may you find calm in the storm, God's hand is over you.